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Brainycube is a global research organization founded by young, energetic scientists during their Bachelor's studies. Our mission is to promote research among talented young minds by offering completed services in Data Science, IoT, AI, ML, and Health Analytics, along with consulting. We organize events and have received recognition for our efforts. Our goal is to become the largest research and technical solutions provider with a tremendous scientific and technical workforce in our team and executive bodies. Join us at Brainycube to break new ground in research and innovation.




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Why we Choose Brainycube?

    • Young, diverse team founded Brainycube.
    • Offers research services in Data Science, IoT, AI, ML, and Health Analytics.
    • Recognized for promoting innovation among young scientists.
    • Organizes local, national, and international research events.
    • Goal: largest research provider in natural, engineering, and behavioral sciences.
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We involve young minds with our organization to work together and shape there skills with all available resources.

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All the involved like minded young talents are encouraged to showcase there skills to come up with new innovations.

Our Projects


All the innovations, advancements, breakthroughs, inventions, discoveries, and developments are meant to solve problems of a society or a particular person.

Commercial Projects


Research projects involvement

Chemistry, Energy, Physics, Robotics, IT and computers, Food Technology, Agriculture, Fin-tech , DIY projects..

Training and WorkshopsMakers

Research article writing, Analytical software (R, Python), Proposal writing, Web-design and graphics, Ethical Hacking, DIY projects (for all age categories).

Makers Space

Offers efficient resource utilization, mentorship, guidance, and project design and prototyping to empower our members to succeed.

Scientific Event Management Support

Facilitates participation in conferences, workshops, and scientific meetings,promoting innovation and collaboration to inspire and empower the next generation of scientists and researchers.

Web Development

We work on projects of all types and sizes.Unique Desing and fully Responsive Having a unique website design is an important part of the branding and marketing process of your business.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is any form of marketing that exists online Massive utilization of the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers.

Events and Programs

YSS 2014

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YSS 2016

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GWRRT 2014

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GWRRT 2016

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GWRRT 2018

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NYSS 2017

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NYSS 2018

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NYSS 2019

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APCYS 2017

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Meet our Team Members

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Aakash Deo

Focused on solar thermal, particulate matter and robotics-related research.

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Dr. Ajaya Bhattarai

Research interests surface chemistry, polymer chemistry and Nanotechnology.

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Data Scientist

TaraChand Yadav

Passionate about data science, statistical modeling, and machine learning, and believes in giving back to society while also valuing spending time with family and friends.

Person's name

Data and Insights Analyst

Bikash Dev

Expert in python for data science and machine learning with MS Excel and Google for data analysis and Javascripts.

Person's name

AI enthusiast

Udit Kumar Mahato

Research interest in Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Software Engineer

Subin Satyal

Focused on web development, data science and ML.

Person's name

Graphics Designer

Manoj Shrestha

Research Interest IOT ,HCI and user-centered design principles.

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Nimesh Khulal

Research interests programming, app development, robotics and rocket design.

Person's name

Data Science Enthusiast

Pradeep Aryal

Machine learning enthusiast who has conducted projects in the domain of topic classification and recommender systems.

Person's name


Biman Rimal

Research interests programming, app development, robotics and rocket design.

Person's name

Public Health Expert and Researcher

Babita Sharma

Flexible and experienced public health professional with a PhD in progress, who has published articles in national and international journals and works as a Public Health Officer at AMDA Hospital in Nepal.

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